Resistance Band with Double String

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This rubber pull string will help you get in better shape without the need for a gym membership or the risk of lifting heavyweights. Resistance tubes offer a compact, travel-ready resistance training alternative to free weights and machines. This resistance tube provides a smooth and consistent stretch action. Cushioned foam handles provide a comfortable and slip-free grip. This unique product can tone your back muscles | reduce belly fat | improve blood circulation | improves your body posture | increases the stamina | energy | vitality of the body.

Muscles to be targeted along with Exercises are:

  • Chest – Chest Flys | Incline Chest Flys | Decline Chest Flys
  • Triceps – Tricep Push Down | Kick Back
  • Biceps  - Bicep Curls | Preacher Curls
  • Shoulder – Shoulder Press | Side Lateral Raise | Front Raises
  • Back -  Lat Pull Down | Seated Rowing
  • Legs – Squats | Lunges


  • Double rubber pull string
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Compact & travel-ready
  • Cushioned foam handles