Hand Strengthener & Hand Gripper Combo

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Adjustable Mount: Handgrip strengthener can be adjustable from 11 to 130 lbs ( 5Kg to 60kg). It can satisfy different power levels, from the beginners to the advanced.

Strong Grip: Two handles make your Forearms, Fingers, Palm strong and sturdy for your workout

Metal Coil: This strong coil has a tension of up to 60kgs to test your muscle potential.

Usage: Can be used anywhere & anytime - Office, Home, Outdoor, Gym.

Lightweight - Hand exerciser is very lightweight, weighted as 5.27 ounces (180 g). It is very convenient and portable to take to the home /office/fitness center or anywhere


Develop your forearms and wrists with this exercise equipment that’s designed to target the flexor and extensor muscles in your arms. This wrist exercise is designed to improve strength, power, and speed in the wrists, fingers, and forearms, which is ideal for athletes, musicians, rock climbers, golfers, and tennis players. This gym equipment also strengthens the fingers and increases your grip strength.