Pristyn Care Automatic BP Machine 1yr Warranty Upper Arm Type with Wide Cuff Size (22-32 cm)

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Pristyn Care BP Machine uses Oscillometric method to apply the right amount of pressure for accurate, fast & most comfortable measurements. In just one button click the smart algorithm inflates the cuff to the ideal level and takes average of 3 readings before displaying the final value 

No adjustments are required by the user to select the inflation level. To ensure 100% accuracy, BP machine display monitor also detects arm movement while taking the reading. If an arm movement is detected then the user has to take the reading again without moving the arm.

What all readings are displayed on Monitor? - High & Low BP Value, Pulse Rate, Irregular Heart Beat, Arm movement Indicator, Hypertension indicator through colors

What all conditions can be detected? Atrial Fibrillation or Arrhythmia ( Detected through Irregular heart beat value), Hypertension ( detected through High & Low BP Value)

How are we ensuring 100% Accuracy? Accuracy is confirmed by 3 important checks:-
1. Average of 3 values are taken before indicating the final value
2. Arm Movement Indication to rule out human error possibility
3. Clinical Trials ( Values of Pristyn Care Automatic BP Machine are compared with manual BP mercury machines using stethoscopes & manual pumps by doctors and the match rate is more than 99.9%)

Features List: Fully Automatic, Average of 3 readings, Arm Movement Indicator, Hypertension Indicator, Battery Operated, 1 year Warranty, USB & Adapter charged, Memory Function, Wide Cuff (22-32 cm), Portable & Ambulatory with one button operation

Safety Instructions:

1. Do not forcibly bend the arm cuff or bend the air tube excessively.
2. Use only the original AC adapter.
3. Do not place the arm cuff over the thick cloth.
4. Avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising, and bathing for 30 minutes prior to taking a measurement. Rest for at least 15 minutes prior to taking the measurement.
5. Relax and sit comfortably under a normal room temperature.

Pristyn Care Vs Others: Trusted by 300+ Pristyn Care Doctors & 50,000+ customers, After Sale Service with 1 year Warranty, Honest Pricing & 100% Accuracy, Clinically Tested

FUN FACT!: Did you know that 99% automatic Blood Pressure machines available in the market uses Oscillometric Method to detect blood pressure measurements and it is one of the most accurate, fast & comfortable method to take BP measurements on regular basis. Pristyn Care BP Machine too uses Oscillometric method to detect accurate results and has been clinically tested to ensure the same.


  • Measurement Method : Oscillograph Measurement Method.
  • Measurement Range : Pressure- 0~280 mmHg (0kPa-37.3kPa).
  • Pulse- 40~199 beats per minute.
  • Accuracy : Pressure- Within ±3mmHg. Pulse- Within ±5%
  • Resolution : 1mmHg(0.1kPa)
  • Power Supply : USB DC5V or 4pcs AAA batteries.
  • Operating Environment : 5 ~40°C.
  • Weight : 410 Grams
  • Dimensions : 130mm X 98mm X 58mm
  • Accessories included : Cuff band, Manual