Pristyn Care Digital Weighing Scale - Black

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  1. ACCURATE MEASUREMENT : It has a high-tech sensor system which ensures to give accurate numbers on the screen.

  2. LARGE LCD DISPLAY : This display gives bold, big and crystal clear digits on the screen.

  3. SLEEK DESIGN : Lightweight and Sturdy platform ensures the durability of the machine.

  4. MULTIPLE UNITS : Measurement scale is in Kilograms and Pounds.

  5. WEIGHING RANGE: 2.5-180KG, 5-396LBS


  1. Equipped with high precision Strain Gauge sensors beneath the machine.

  2. LCD Display

  3. Automatic shutdown

  4. Overload indication

  5. 2 AAA Batteries 

  6. Low Battery indication

  7. Battery change indication

  8. Temperature indication


Length : 28cm

Breath : 28cm