3-in-1 Combo: Grid Foam Roller, Push Up Bars, 11-in-1 Resistance Bands

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11-in-1 Resistance Bands:

  • 5 fitness bands with 5 resistance levels, you can freely choose the appropriate training intensity.
  • The fitness band is made of 100% natural high-quality latex, non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the skin.
  • It is 5 Colors Adjustable Resistance Bands Yellow 10 lbs, Green 15 lbs, Red 20 lbs, Blue 25 lbs, Black 30 lbs.
  • All exercise bands are can be used alone stacked or in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs
  • The length of this resistance tube is 100CM. The maximum stretch capacity is 170CM.
  • COMPLETE EXERCISE ACCESSORIES - Included in the package are 5 fitness resistance bands, a carrying bag, a door anchor, 2 cushioned straps, 2 ankle straps, 1 workout guide, and 1 workout poster.

Grid Foam Roller:

Foam rolling can be an effective way to reduce muscle tension before starting your workout. That’s especially the case if you have any leftover tension from exercising over the previous few days. Foam rolling is an important product to use while cooling down the body after exercise. If you add a foam roller to your warm-up exercise routine you will find yourself feeling less sore in your day-to-day life. 

Push Up Bars:

These Push-Up Bars remove the discomfort you feel on the floor while exercising. Because of this discomfort, we always encounter pain in our wrist that is even not resistible in our day-to-day routine. So with these pushup-stands, there is a comfortable grip on the metal stands to remove the wrist pain & discomfort, and most importantly it gives the correct angle & posture to perform the exercise. After a certain point of time, gym enthusiasts always wanted to level up their exercising skills so by following these 15 exercises on push-stands they can reach their goals & tightens up their muscles faster.

Push-up Bar Exercises – A) Parallel grip push-ups, B) Straight bar push-ups, C) Reverse Grip Push-ups, D) Wide Pushups, E) Archer Push-ups, F) one bar push-ups, G) Close Grip push-ups H) one arm push-ups, I) Resistance push-ups, J) Pike push-ups K) L-sit push-ups L) Straddle elbow lever, M) Handstand, N) Alternate Mountain Climber.