Electronic Steam Vaporizer (Use For Nasal Congestion & Beauty Purposes)

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Electronic Facial Steamer & Vaporizer with 3 Months Warranty


  • Can be used for beauty facials & nasal congestions
  • Facial Steamer- You can use the sauna during facial, massaging and at the time of clean up. The vaporizer helps to clear the clogs and rejuvenates your skin.
  • Nasal steamer- Vaporizer helps relief from common cold and other congestion problems. 


  • Product Dimension (hxb): 15cm X 16cm
  • Water Tank Dimension: 5 Cm X 10cm X 11.3cm
  • Maximum Water Level = 7.1cm


  • Do not use RO/Filter water as it stops the steam generation process . Always Use Normal Tap Water
  • Recommended to wash the container with lukewarm water to avoid plastic smell during initial use.